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Women/Men Sports Water Bottle Hip Waist Pack

Women/Men Sports Water Bottle Hip Waist Pack

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1. Waterproof nylon fabric, high-density nylon fabric with waterproof oil layer to prevent the use of domestic water to wet the contents of the bag.
2. Large storage capacity with a kettle pocket. This product has three pockets plus a kettle compartment. The main bag is provided with a grid compartment, and the items are more effectively classified and stored. The sub-bags are smaller and can be used as a good place for small items such as keys and lighters. There is also an invisible pocket on the back that can hold valuables such as change bank cards.
3. The main bag is designed with hardware thickened zipper, which can be used for mobile phones with 6.0 inch screen, keys, cigarettes, paper towels, chewing gum and other items.



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