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Soccer Footwork Fitness Agility Trainer

Soccer Footwork Fitness Agility Trainer

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Adjustable Footwork Soccer/Football Fitness Speed Rungs Agility Ladder Training Equipment Kit with Resistance Parachute Disc Cones Bags

1. Sports training set: This sports training set includes an agility ladder, a resistance parachute,12 disc cones, 4 steel stakes and 2 drawstring bag. Everything needed is ready for your training.
2. Agility ladder: TPE material, flexible and adjustable, offer excellent performance for footwork training with tangle-free strap.
Secure it in place with rust-resistant metal pegs. Snaps at the end are intended to attach other ladder for your need. The ladder with 9 rungs is 13" Long.
3. Resistance parachute: The chute is 52" in diameter, with heavy-duty adjustable nylon belt. Quick-release belt buckle allows training with acceleration bursts. Your explosiveness and stamina will be effectively improved with this resistant training chute.
4. Elastic disc cone: Premium elastic cones can be placed in a wide variety of patterns. Great as boundary markers, sport practice, and targets. Each disc cone measures 7.5" in diameter, 2" in height.
5. Versatility: This set is designed to elevate skills in all sports like football drills, boxing, basketball, lacrosse, hockey, baseball, tennis, track and field. The best choice for you to enhance athletic performance efficiently.




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