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Soccer Balls-Glow In The Dark

Soccer Balls-Glow In The Dark

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1. Luminescence Principle: The glowing part of the sphere is designed with high-tech fluorescent materials. Just need to in the bright light uniform irradiation for 20 seconds, the glow football ball can emit light in a dark place for about 30 minutes, you can also use the lights, flashlights, mobile phone flashes to radiate it in the dark night.
2. High Quality: This training football is made of high-quality luminous PU soft leather, safe and environmentally friendly, durable, and equipped with an inflator, you can cheer the football at anytime or anywhere.
3. Lightweight & Portable: The lightweight design of the sports soccer ball is designed with perimeter: 680-700mm/27-27.5 inches, which is not cumbersome and easy to carry in your traveling.
4. Special Design: Glowing reflective soccer ball with unique luminous method, can be used at any time. Can increase physical coordination, increase strength, enhance flexibility, and improve cardiovascular health.
5. Applicable Scenarios: No. 5 football reflecter is designed for regular 11 players, suitable for all types of weather and all types of surfaces, such as grass, concrete and rubber floors. The soft touch and easy-to-control design are a good choice for beginners.





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