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OIMG Baseball/Softball Training Sock Screen and Ball Collection Net, 7'x7'

OIMG Baseball/Softball Training Sock Screen and Ball Collection Net, 7'x7'

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  • 54-INCH SOCK: The wide mouth collects and stores sports balls in a 54-inch deep sock, which opens up to easily pour the collected balls into a bucket or bag for quick cleanup. Save time and energy instead of gathering balls from all over the field.
  • DURABLE STEEL CONSTRUCTION: Built with 18 gauge 1.5-inch diameter steel tubes, the OIMG  Sock Screen simplifies drills for every level of on-field play. Its sturdy steel frame withstands glancing blows during practice.
  • WEATHERIZED 45-PLY P.E. NET: The durable envelope-style net slides over the frame and attaches securely around the bottom tube with bungee straps. Made of 45-ply weatherized polyethylene, it provides protection through the elements.
  • QUICK ASSEMBLY:  Put it on the practice field right away with the quick pushpin assembly and start perfecting the pitching and hitting skills that make your team competitive.
  • MOBILE: Weighing 45 pounds, it's heavy-duty enough to endure for seasons but light enough for two players to move around the field during practice and to the storage area afterward. Add a OIMG field screen wheel kit (not included) for greater mobility.
  • PERFECT FOR ON-FIELD PRACTICE: The OIMG Sock Screen is intended and works best for practice and play on the field. Take a look at the OIMG Brute line for extra-tough batting cage screens.



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