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Multi Sports Mouthguard

Multi Sports Mouthguard

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 Adults and Junior Mouth Guard for Football Wrestling Hockey Lacrosse Boxing and Contact Combat Sports

1. Perfect Fit: Our boxing gum shield is made of EVA material, providing excellent retention and a secure fit. It molds to your teeth contours, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal protection for your teeth.
2. Jaw Protection: Our mouthguard features a pre-formed base that helps protect your jaw from impact when biting down on the protective device.
3. Minimal Interference: Our mouthguard has a slim profile inside the mouth, minimizing interference during movement while still delivering reliable protection.
4. Suitable for Boxing and Combat Sports: Our mouth guard is specifically designed for boxing and combat sports, providing effective tooth cushioning and protection during intense bouts and sparring sessions.
5. Available for Adults and Juniors: Our mouthguard comes in sizes suitable for both adults and juniors, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit for all ages.





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