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Multi Purpose Sit Up Bar

Multi Purpose Sit Up Bar

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Abdominal Exerciser with 2 Suction Cups Self-Suction Abs Machine 3 Gear Height Multifunctional Exercised Arms Stomach Thigh Legs

1.Multifunctional: This sit up assist bar combines a sit-up assistant and a tension rope, providing a versatile workout tool.It targets various muscle groups, including slimming arms, chest lifting, hip shaping, waist tightening, and leg toning.
2.Enhanced Safety Features: The upgraded design of this workout abs trainer includes a foot support rod for added stability during exercises, offering foot support and preventing injuries.The surface is wrapped with anti-slip foam to ensure a secure grip and minimize the risk of slipping during workouts.
3.Adjustable Height: The sit-up exercise bar features three height adjustment options, allowing users to customize the intensity and target different muscle groups.By simply pressing and adjusting, users can easily switch between the three levels according to their specific needs.
4.Thickened Foam Padding: The floor situp aid is equipped with thick foam padding that provides effective cushioning, reducing the risk of sports-related injuries.The foam handles offer a non-slip and sweat-absorbent grip, ensuring a safe and comfortable exercise experience.
5.Extra-Large Suction Cups: The waist exercise machine features enlarged rubber suction cups that provide strong adhesion, ensuring stability and preventing tipping during use.The downward pressure lock ensures a firm attachment, making the suction cups more secure for a safer workout session.



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