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Kids Protective Gear Set

Kids Protective Gear Set

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7Pcs Helmet Knee Elbow Protective Gear Set with Wrist Guards Kids Bicycle Sport Protective Gear Set Adjustable Breathable 48-55cm for Skateboard/Bike/Skating/Cycling

1. High-Quality ABS Shell and EPS Material: The children's helmet knee elbow protective gear set is made with a high-quality ABS engineering plastic shell, providing robust impact resistance to protect the head. The surrounding interior is crafted with EPS material, offering cushioning and shock absorption properties.
2. Adjustable Elastic Straps for Comfortable Fit: The safety ride protection gear set features adjustable elastic straps that can be customized to fit the child's head size, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit. This feature guarantees optimal comfort during use while maintaining proper snugness.
3. Breathable and Ventilated Design: The bicycle sport protective gear set is designed to be breathable and comfortable, allowing airflow to keep the head cool during activities. The ventilation system ensures adequate heat dissipation, preventing discomfort from excessive perspiration.
4. Complete Set with Multiple Protective Pads: The bike skateboard scooter helmet set includes one helmet, two knee pads, two elbow pads, and two wrist guards. This comprehensive kit offers full protection for crucial areas of the body, minimizing the risk of injuries during various sports and activities.
5. Hard PVC Shell and Soft EVA Padding for Enhanced Protection: The safety skating helmet pad set is constructed with a scratch-resistant and ultra-durable PVC outer shell to provide robust protection. They are filled with soft EVA material for impact cushioning, ensuring children enjoy their activities while being well-protected.



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