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Kids Electric Scooter with Bluetooth Audio

Kids Electric Scooter with Bluetooth Audio

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Turn on / off scooter:click the switch on/off button on control panel to turn on the scooter,Press the switch on/off button 3 seconds to turn off the scooter. Change the speed gear:double click the switch on/off button to change the speed gear,ECO speed gear:max speed 6km/hD speed gear: max speed 10km/hS speed gear:max speed 15km/h.Turn on /off light:press the turn on/off button quickly to turn on /off light;Press the accelerator (right ) to speed up speed up;Press the brake (left) while stamp the fender brake to brake the scooter.Change speed as MPH to KMPH:click the turn on/off button 4 times in short time .Zero start /None zero start:click the turn on /off button 6 times in short time



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