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HD Mini Digital Video Recorder

HD Mini Digital Video Recorder

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HD 1080P Digital Camera Built -in MIC Mini Body Worn Camera 130 Degree Wide Angle Sports DV Car DVR with Clip Separate Recording

1. HD 1080P Lens: This police body camera features a high-definition lens with a 130-degree wide-angle view that can be rotated for optimal positioning. It captures video in AVI format at a maximum resolution of 1920*1080, and records audio in WAV format at a bitrate of 512KBPS.
2. Infrared Night Vision: Equipped with four energy-efficient infrared lights, this portable law enforcement recorder supports infrared night vision capabilities. The infrared mode can be manually adjusted to ensure clear footage even in low-light or nighttime conditions.
3. Built-in Microphone: The digital camera has a built-in omnidirectional capacitor microphone, capturing audio from all directions. This ensures that important conversations and sounds are recorded accurately.
4. Long Battery Life: Powered by a 400-600mAH/3.8V lithium polymer battery, the wearable mini camcorder offers approximately 4-5 hours of continuous video recording and up to 7 hours of continuous audio recording. It also allows for extended periods of photography, with a maximum duration of approximately 10 hours at 720p/30fps high-quality video.
5. Easy Connectivity and Storage: The sports DV car DVR connects via a high-speed Mini USB 2.0 interface, enabling quick and convenient data transfer. It supports storage capacities of 64GB, 32GB, 16GB, or 128GB (optional), providing ample space to store recordings.




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