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Fitness Training Resistance Bands

Fitness Training Resistance Bands

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Product Name: Resistance Band
Color :Yellow/Red/Black/Purple/Green/Blue
208*0.64*0.45CM yellow 5-15 lbs
208*1.3*0.45cm red 15-35 lbs
208*2.2*0.45cm black 25-65 lbs
208*3.2*0.45cm purple 35-85 lbs
208*4.5*0.45cm green 50-125 lbs
208*6.4*0.45cm blue 65-175 lbs

1. The circle has good resilience, and can work well with the movements in yoga training to achieve better plasticity.
2. Suitable for everyone women and men of all health levels. Each exercise belt has different degrees of resistance to the working muscles of the entire body.
3. The resistance bands on the hands, arms, back, ankles, buttocks or shoulders of the trainer, alone or in combination, provide you with effective stretch and exercise of the whole body muscles, stabilize the posture and control the stretching distance, and effectively improve the physical activity ability , To shape the perfect body curve, is an aid for practicing yoga and Pilates. It can increase the fun of exercise and change the single exercise style.
 Cleaning and durability: It can be washed with water and wiped with a wet and dry cloth.
 Advantages: easy to carry, soft, strong resilience, wear resistance, and good overall performance.



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