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Fitness Glide Plate Skating Training Mat

Fitness Glide Plate Skating Training Mat

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1. PVC anti-skid mute net: safely grip the ground without displacement, glide silently, and freely simulate the fun of ski running.
2. New wear-resistant sliding surface: simulating the low resistance environment of ice surface, it is more wear-resistant and not easy to leave marks. Multi functional fitness sliding pad.
3. Multi functional fitness sliding pad: at home or outdoors, it can shape and slim, enhance physical fitness, and exercise the waist, abdomen and legs. The left and right baffles are thickened, and the anti-collision strips are thickened to protect the ankles, so that they can slide freely.
4: Specially designed for weight loss and slimming: to achieve efficient fat burning heart rate, fast fat burning and sweating, and light weight, the whole body has oxygen to burn fat. It can also be used as a sports mat for flat support, yoga Pilates, barbell sports and other training.
5: Easy to use: no need for lubricating oil to make the sliding more smooth. Put on the shoe cover to train and slide at home.




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