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EMS Foot Massager Mat-Heat

EMS Foot Massager Mat-Heat

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1. Our foot massage pad is made of microfiber leather material, soft and skin-friendly, breathable and comfortable, lightweight and portable, easy to clean, giving you a more comfortable massage experience.

2. Using micro-current pulses to massage acupuncture points, effectively eliminate leg edema and fat, relieve leg muscle stiffness, and shape beautiful and slender legs.

3. Using with the heating line, this massage foot pad has a foot heating function, 10 seconds preheating, constant temperature heating (50-55 ℃), promotes blood circulation and relieves foot fatigue.

4. 8 massage modes and 19 levels of intensity are available, you can adjust it at will and choose the mode and intensity that suit you best.

5. 15 minutes automatic timing, reduce your trouble of self-timing; use 15 minutes a day, help you say goodbye to elephant legs.

6. Equipped with a radio frequency remote control, you can conveniently switch the massage mode and intensity without bending over when using the foot pad.




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