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Digital Pelvic Floor Muscle Trainer

Digital Pelvic Floor Muscle Trainer

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Buttocks Pelvis Rotatable Floor Muscle Training Device Stable, Built-In Battery , Adjustable for Home, Gym or Office.

1. Rotable: 360 degree rotation angle, optional baffle, adjustable strength, and the middle button can rotate to adjust the tightness, thereby changing the training strength.
2. Postpartum recovery: Postpartum mothers' pelvic floor muscles are prone to relaxation and weakness, leading to flat and sagging buttocks and relaxation in private areas. The pelvic floor muscle trainer can effectively stimulate pelvic floor muscle activity, which is helpful for postpartum women's body recovery and pelvic floor muscle repair. It corrects the pelvic bone and tightens the hip circumference through muscle strength.
3. Multifunctional: Thigh training equipment, using a mechanical triangular structure, safe, stable, sturdy and durable. Add soft adhesive protective stickers on both sides to protect the skin with safe materials, making it comfortable, non slip, and safe to use.
4. Embedded design: High strength load-bearing, fast angle switching, long-lasting and non deformable, thick and durable springs, capable of withstanding larger weights, suitable for various sports needs.
5. Convenient to use: Suitable for morning and indoor sports, leg beautification, narrow legs with fine lines, pelvic floor muscles, hand and buttocks training, shaping buttocks and leg lines.



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