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Cycling Helmet Ultralight

Cycling Helmet Ultralight

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Bike Helmet for Men and Women Sport Safety Cycling Adjustable Helmet Adjustable Mountain Road Bicycle Soft Pad 

1. Insect proof net shock absorption: the helmet is equipped with insect proof net to protect you from mosquitoes; This EPS has strong cushioning, shock absorption and shock absorption effect.
2. Equipped with brim, the brim is inside the helmet, not installed on the helmet, you can install the brim by yourself after receiving the goods.
3. Diversion and drag reduction design: according to the law of airflow movement, the ventilation holes are designed to reduce the resistance and ensure the comfort of the head.
4. Soft pad design: soft protection and comfortable
5. Adjustment: No matter how big or small your head is, you can always adjust it to a comfortable size and a safe tightness. 



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