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Ab Wheel Dual Roller

Ab Wheel Dual Roller

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1.Durable ABS Construction: Our abdominal wheel is made from durable ABS material, ensuring abdominal wheelan withstand even the most intense workouts without damaging your floors. The high-quality construction guarantees long-lasting performance, allowing you to pay attention to your exercise routine with peace of mind.
2.Tank-like Dual Wheels for Stability: The tank-like design of our abdominal wheel features dual wheels that provide exceptional stability and prevent slipping on any surface. The widened 107mm smooth-rolling wheels are equipped with anti-slip tire textures, ensuring a stable and secure workout experience.
3.Bonus Knee Pad for Maximum Protection: We include a bonus knee pad with our abdominal wheel to provide maximum protection and comfort for your knees. The knee pad cushions your knees against impact and pressure, allowing you to perform exercises with reduced discomfort and improved safety.
4.Arc-shaped Top Design for Added Safety: Our abdominal wheel features an arc-shaped top design that enhances safety during workouts. The multi-layer construction and reinforced structure can support up to 100kg of weight, providing stability and peace of mind during intense exercises. The three-point support system and gradient slope design effectively distribute force, ensuring a smoother and safer workout experience.
5.Practical and Versatile: Our abdominal wheel allows you to target and strengthen various core muscle groups, including the abs, waist, back, shoulders, arms, and lower body. abdominal wheel provides effective muscle and joint exercise, helping you achieve a well-rounded full-body workout and aiding in weight loss.




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