Why Cycling is Good Fitness Activity

Cycling as a fitness program is extremely effective and popular. Cycling is also a fun way to achieve fitness goals. According to Satista, The number of bicycles sold in the European Union in 2021 amounted to more than 22 million, while in 2021 the number of bike shops in the Netherlands crossed 3,000, and the number of bikes sold in Great Britain amounted to around 3.25 million which is an increase of over 11 percent on the previous year. The scene is equally encouraging in the USA with the number of bikers in the United States reaching 54.7 million in 2022.


Cycling when combined with a healthy eating plan is a great solution for weight loss, as it increases the metabolic rate, builds muscle and substantially burns the body fat. Moreover, only two to four hours of cycling every week is enough to ensure general improvement in health and fitness.


Here is why cycle is good for you -

It is a low impact activity as cycling causes lesser strain and injuries than other fitness regimes.


  • It offers a great muscle workout by using all the key muscle groups.
  • It is easy when compared to other fitness activities as it does not need very high levels of physical skills. Moreover, once you learn how to ride a cycle, you never forget.
  • Cycling enhances stamina, strength as well as aerobic fitness.
  • You can choose the intensity level of your cycling activity. To start with you can opt for a low intensity affair, same in case you are recovering from injury or illness, and level up to a rigorous physical workout when you feel like it.

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