Top 3 Yoga Must-Haves

Yoga practice is a highly popular health and fitness regime, especially after the Covid 19 pandemic. Whether you are starting your practice or leveling it up, yoga outfits will play a crucial role to ensure the best outcome from your regime. 

It is important to know that without the right kind of outfits, ones that provide sufficient freedom of movement and absorb perspiration, your yoga practice will not be complete.

Here is a list of must have Yoga outfits –

Yoga bottoms 

Yoga bottoms are easily available in the market. You will get them in a variety of ranges including that of style, length, and fit. It is better to buy leggings or pants that come with a high waist. These types of bottoms will not slide down during your high-velocity classes. For slower classes, both men and women can get the loose-fitting pants.

Yoga shorts 

Yoga shorts are very good for men. These shorts have built-in liners to make sure you feel comfortable during the practice. Women can opt for yoga shorts when doing very hot classes.

Yoga tops 

Yoga tops are also a very important consideration for Yoga practice. For women, form-fitting T-shirts or tank tops are good as they fit comfortably and do not fall over the head while doing the bending postures. Buy tops that are breathable, moisture-wicking fabric.

Other items to consider –

  •         Yoga mat
  •         Straps, blocks and blanket
  •         Yoga Knee and Wrist Pad
  •         Bags And Slings to carry towels, accessories
  •         Change of clothes
  •         Hand Towel
  •         Bolster or side body pillow
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