Importance of Yoga Practice for Your Physical Health

Did you know that Yoga was first practiced in ancient India as a multipronged spiritual activity? Today Yoga is considered to be an extremely effective way of boosting physical and mental health. Yoga postures are all about making slow movements and deep breaths which have the potential to help you maintain your overall fitness wellbeing.

Here are some of the  important benefits of Yoga practice for your physical health

  •     Regular Yoga practice boosts blood flow, warms up and strengthens your muscles. It is also great for maintaining the right kind of poise and flexibility.
  •     The asanas or body postures which involve basic stretching are extremely beneficial for attenuating back pain and providing improved mobility.
  •     Regular Yoga practice is a recognized way to address health conditions like arthritis, as the asanas help in facilitating ease and comfort to the tender and swollen joints in arthritis afflicted individuals. 
  •     Yoga has proven benefits for heart health as well. Regular and long term practice of Yoga can ensure satisfactory results in reducing high blood pressure, body weight and stress. Moreover, it can also address inflammation, which in turn boosts the heart health.
  •     Moreover, practicing Yoga can help you relax and sleep well at night. Consider doing some of the Yoga asanas before going to bed to make sure that you have a good night’s sleep. However, talk to your fitness trainer to decide the asanas and postures.

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